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~About La Rose Blanche Style~

Preserved & Fresh Flower Design Elegant life with flowers.

Express yourself through flowers.


The main purpose of La Rose Blanche Flower salon is to introduce you to elegant life and to enable you to express yourself through flowers.

Creating floral life will help you to refresh from the ordinary life.

La Rose Blanche will also help you to discover your style through the use of color and flower combinations, producing modern, personalized flower arrangements.


You can experiment as you like after you learned the basic about flowers.

The most important things to ask yourself are ” What do you like?” and “What kind of arrangements do you feel like making?”


I will always make you feel welcome at my aromatic salon.

You can also enjoy flower arranging with your friends , chatting with a cup of tea or coffee!

I will serve you some nice sweets every time!


La Rose Blanche creates various kinds of styling, such as natural, modern, elegant, classic etc, so that you can try those arranging styles as well in the class.

~About Preserved Flowers~

Preserved flowers are really fantastic!

It started selling about 20 years ago, after a very famous French florist, Christian Tortu, made arrangements using preserved roses.


Preserved flowers are basically fresh flowers which have been put into a special liquid to stop them from drying out.

After this treatment, they don’t need water and they will keep their beauty for a long time.

In Japan, preserved flowers became popular about 13 years ago, now more and more flowers and greenery have been given the preserved treatment. According to statistics, the preserved flower market has been on the rise every year, especially in Japan.

~About Teacher~

La Rose Blanche
Yumiko Nasu

I started learning preserved flower arranging and fresh flower arranging about 6 years ago.

I have also studied about silk fiber and weaving method in both Japanese style and Swedish style.

Qualified for color coordinator ( 2nd grade)

~About Lesson~

All lessons are available in English.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for a trial lesson or if there is anything you wish to ask about the lesson itself.

All you need to do is just bring yourself, as everything is prepared by myself before the lesson.

You can also present your flower arrangement to someone after the lesson, as I will wrap your arrangement for you too.

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